What to Look for in a Swimming Pool Heat Pump

An increasing number of people now have a swimming pool in their back yard. This is great in the summer when the weather is hot you can jump in the pool and wash off the heat of the day. However, cold water is all very well but if you want to get more use from your outdoor pool then it might be worth your while to consider a swimming pool heat pump.

If you want to make as much of your pool as you possibly can then you would do well to do some research on swimming pool heat pumps. This is not a situation where one size fits all, you have to decide what you might want from a heat pump and what kind of swimming pool heat pump you would need for your size pool.


How a Heat Pump Works
Heat pumps are powered by electricity rather than generating heat they store it for use in another location. The water in a swimming pool is circulated by means of a pump. When the water is drawn from the pool it goes through a filter and then through the heat pump heater. The heat pump heater then warms the water by means of a fan and an evaporator coil which absorbs heat and turns it into a gas which is then passed through a compressor. This makes the warm gas hotter before it is passed through a condenser. This transfers the heat from the gas to the pool water which is circulated through the heater. The heated water is then put back in the pool. The gas is turned back into liquid and returned to the evaporator where the heating process starts again.

Providing the temperature does not drop below forty to fifty degrees then the heat pump works well but when the weather is colder then the heat pump will consume a lot more energy. As most people do not use their pool during very cold weather this may not be a problem – however, if the owners want to swim throughout the year then this could significantly raise their costs.

What to Consider When Buying a Heat Pump Heater
With ordinary use heat pump heaters have a lower annual cost than some other forms of pool heaters as they are generally more efficient. Before you buy a heat pump heater you need to be sure of the measurements of your pool and the volume of water that it holds. If you buy a heat pump heater that is too small then it will not heat the water in pool properly, if you buy one that is too large then you will be wasting energy.

There are two other things you should consider when you purchase a heat pump. You should ask about energy consumption because this will affect the efficient working of the heater. A heater that works efficiently will cost less to operate in the long run. You also need to consider your own budget and how it will be affected by an increased original cost – this needs to be balanced against lower annual fuel costs compared to other cheaper heaters.

You should have your heat pump professionally installed. The way a swimming pool heat pump is installed will have an effect on the efficient working of the heat pump – ask people you know to see if they will recommend an installer. You should also be thoroughly acquainted with your heat pump’s manual and its recommendations on regular maintenance. If your swimming pool heat pump is properly installed and well maintained then it could last for years.

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