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“After-six diet” is like the modern version of the old saying “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. Is it true that when you eat less at night it will contribute to your weight loss? Is there any negative effects of this kind of diet?

An obesity researcher at the University of Colorado name James O. Hill claims that fewer function happening in the body while sleeping so less energy is expended. Thus resulting in storage of the food that you eat at night. But take note that the biggest fallacy is that you can eat like “it’s the end of the world” the whole day and expect those calories to magically disappear because you ate before 6pm. That is certainly not true!


The after-six diet can be safe if you get proper nutrition from your meal the whole day. This can help you lose weight if used properly. Remember you must burn more calories than eating more of them.

Striving for a healthy start? You can start by making healthy food choices today and consider this weight loss help tips. When you start your diet, stick with it! No cheat meals, no compromising and no bargaining. Remember those small temptations that you will allow your self to indulge will also give you a hard time to lose those calories again. So you are cheating no other than yourself.

Fiber up! Fiber absorbs water as they move in your gastrointestinal tract that eases your defecation. Also they make you feel full longer than usual. You must monitor your fiber intake because too much fiber can cause constipation. Excessive calories will be stored as fat so you must exercise to burn them. You don’t need to be a member of a fitness club or gym; you can start with simple things. You can just take a walk every morning or use the stairs instead of elevators at your office.

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