Top Removals Blackpool

Top Removals Blackpool

When moving house out of state, your moving expenses can be reduced by first organizing a garage sale. It is through a garage sale that you can get rid of all those unwanted things that take up space when moving house.
However holding a garage sale does not mean that you just dump all your stuff on your garden, waiting for people to come and buy things before moving house. There is some preparation that you have to do for an organized garage sale before a move.


Plan your garage sale some time before moving house

The first thing you have to do is to fix a date well before your moving house date, and cancel all other commitments for the day of the garage sale. Get friends, family or neighbors to help you move.

Next choose an area of your home for pricing the items and another area for storage of items before the garage sale to make moving house easier later.

Place signs in nearby streets some time before moving house

Collecting shopping and grocery bags will make it easy for customers to take home their buys and later proves helpful in your moving house packing. Also save newspaper, bubble wrap and wrapping paper to wrap breakable pieces for customers and for moving house.

During the day of the garage sale know how much money you had to start the day for accurate calculations at the end of the day. Have at least one helper to help sell stuff, wrap items and answer queries by customers.


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