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Marketing a business has never been more difficult than it is today! On the other hand, marketing has never been this EXCITING! More than 50% of all small businesses fail within the first 3 years due to a lack of proper marketing efforts. Great Courses Plus can teach you what you need to know to obtain prosperity in the unpredictable future!

To run a profit producing business, a clear and comprehensive marketing plan is needed. You must know what business you are in, what you are selling, who your customers are, who your competitors are, and the list goes on. If you don’t know the answers to each of these questions, your company could be on shaky ground.



You want to expand your current market share.
You want to learn the skills necessary to become a manager.
You are starting a new business.
You are launching a new product.
You need to reorganize your company/marketing department.
You need to focus your company’s marketing efforts.
Any business, existing or in the start-up phase needs employees with the knowledge and skills this course teaches!

About the Course
This course will guide you through the complex process of developing a strategic marketing plan using a QUICK and EASY method! This course was designed using a comprehensive set of today’s newest and highest quality teaching materials.

Great Courses Plus course is all encompassing, it includes everything you need to successfully write a complete marketing plan. This course is not only for developing a new business, it will help any existing business to reorganize and develop focus.

The course materials include:

Student Workbook by Dwight E. Norris. This workbook contains the following topics: An Introduction to Strategic Marketing Management; Success Through Distance Education; Registration & Course Components; Refund Policy; Frequently Asked Questions; Student Instructions and Assignments; Monitor Information; Enrichment Excercises; Professional Associations; Quizzes; Worksheets; Answer Sheets; Post-Course Instructions.
This textbook covers the following topics: The Quick Strategic Marketing Plan; Marketing Overview; Products and Services; Customers and Prospects; Competitive Analysis; Price, Place, and Sales Practices; Strengths and Weaknesses; Advertising and Promotion; Strategic Marketing; The Marketing Plan; The Sales Plan.

This textbook covers the following topics: Getting a Clue About Starting a Small Business; Assessing Your Experience and Skills; Charting Your Business Course; Positioning Your Business and Your Product; Choosing Your Business Form; Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More; Securing the Financing You May Need Now or Later; Getting Your Front Doors Open; It’s Really All About Sales and Promotion Anyway; Expanding the Business; On-line Small Business Resources; That’s a Wrap.

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